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Those who underwent Thai massage fared far better on the 6-minute walk test, a measure of improvement of the condition. Its effects on overall pain were similar to that of standardized physical therapy. Unlike other massages that need you to disrobe, with Thai massage you are fully clothed. Ægte Thaimassage-briks med comfort ansigtshul samt wellness-madras, for den mest exclusive og komfortable massagebehandling. While both treatments improved pain scores, the pain eased to a greater extent in the Thai massage group. Heres a look at 8 benefits of a Thai massage and how much it could help you. However, if you do include essential oils or aroma oils, it can bring added benefits depending on the oils you use. If you have a dermatological condition, sensitive skin, or a rash that could react to the use of massage oils or lotions if your therapist plans to use any. Vi er flyttet til ny adresse. Klinikken har nye og moderne behandlingsstationer til thai-massage, olie-massage og fodmassage.

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Find A Trained Therapist. A Thai massage at the hands of an expert masseuse promises to do wonders for your mind and body. Also, as in the case of all massages, certain health conditions may exclude you from being able to try it safely. Vores olier er ligeledes nøddefri og uden parfumer, og derfor allergivenlige.

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Heres why you should try it out! Thai massage is a form of vigorous massage that dates back thousands of years. Den er fri for parabener, mineralske olier og silikone. For instance, a lavender oil, a mood sedative, could ease anxiety and stress.

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